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hotelbookclub's Journal

Hotel Worker's Bookclub
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Discussion on books read by hotel workers.
Hey everyone! Need to stave have some boredom? Read a book...then, discuss it here!

My ideas on how this would work are fairly simple: As you read/finish a book, make a post with the title of the book as the subject, and give a general synopsis of the book. Then, as other bored hotel workers browse through posts, they can read the book and give feedback/discussion about it in comments to said post. Also, I think posts of recommended reading lists would be a good idea, too!

This community is NOT to post about your job. If you want to do that, head to CrazyHotelWorkers! They're great for that, and I'm guessin all the members here, will be members of that community, too! This is also NOT a place where you're allowed to be rude to other members. There's no need. We're discussing books here, and everyone's entitled to their own opinion, people!

That said, enjoy.
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